Rocío Núñez, received GPcert title (SAM)

Rocío Núñez, veterinary of our staff gets new title ...

15/12/2011 Personal Title

Training. Animal traumatology and orthopedics

Jesús Sánchez, our MAH surgeon, has followed in 2012 with his series ...

10/04/2012 Events News

Leopard Zoo Fuengirola.

An atypical patient arrives at the clinic from Fuengirola´s Zoo, a 7-month-old female leopard ...

03/2012 News Colaboration

 Myramar Animal Hospital Team

Jesús Sánchez Nicolás

Myramar Animal Hospital
Manager / Director / Vet
Veterinary Director and responsible for Image Diagnosis, General Surgery, Traumatology, Orthopaedics, Neurology & Neurosurgery.



Vanesa Salguero Bernet

Myramar Animal Hospital
Responsible for the following services: Anaesthesiology, Dentistry, Internal medicine. Internal and surgery for birds and exotic Animals.



Rocío Núñez Caro

Myramar Animal Hospital
Responsible for the following services: Hospitalization, Intensive Care, Internal Medicine Specialist, Cardiology.



Lucía Salcedo Palomares

Myramar Animal Hospital
Responsible for the following services: Internal Medicine little animals, Image Diagnosis. 



Veterinary Clinic Myramar

Fuengirola - Costa del Sol
Myramar Animal Hospital
We care of your animals. Especialist in Traumatology & Surgery. Pets and exotic animals.




Javier López

External specialist in hepatic-abdominal vascular anomalies and cardiac congenital vascular malformations.


Cristina Ortega

Responsible for the Video Endoscopy Service.


Rafael Romero

Especialist High Resolution Ultrasound Especialist.



Elena Ruiz

Responsible for the rehabilitation & physiotherapy service.



Fidel Causse

Responsible and especialist in ophthalmology.





 Clinical Cases

Persistent ductus arteriosus.

* Kitty, 4 months old dog and Sam, 11 month old dog. We have made two new and successful interventions, related to pathology "Persistent ductus arteriosus".
* Video. Process and intervention

Persistent Arterial Duct (PAD)

*Canela, a mestiza bitch / 10 months old / 7 kg of weight. She was referred to our veterinary clinic in Fuengirola, for a heart problem after the detection of a murmur by her veterinarian ...

Apathetic hyperthyroidism

*A common European cat of 11 years of age came to our clinic with a history of weight loss, anorexia and decreased activity. ...


Diaphragmatic hernia

*Lola, european cat 2 years aprox.. He arrives at the clinic with prediagnosis of diaphragmatic hernia made months ago when it was found and picked up on the street by its owner. After four or five months ...






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